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Policy and Procedures

Please take a moment to review. Use of our Cleaning/Organizing services constitutes your acceptance of our policy and procedures.


Getting Started

*COVID 19 Procedures 

All Clients MUST reply to their well check/service confirmation in order to confirm all scheduled appointments. DLAF will not confirm your slot, nor will a crew be dispatched to your home unless received. 
Your crew will be equipped with masks 😷upon entering your home. For everyone's safety, we ask that if you will be home that a mask be worn while being serviced.

To help insure adequate service Don't Lift a Finger asks that before each scheduled cleaning (Unless specified otherwise during consultation), please pick up any belongings that may clutter the floor or beds and hinder us from performing in a productive and timely manner. This includes: clothes, shoes, toys, etc.
Our Representatives come with ALL cleaning supplies. If there is a particular product you would like for us to use simply leave it out for our reps.

Damages/Accidental Breakage

Our employees MUST report all breakage or damages that may occur while performing service in our clients’ homes. They sign a form upon employment with DLAF that they are not held responsible for any damage, unless it is NOT reported within 24hrs of service.
If any damages occur while being serviced, our reps are to bring it to the client’s attention as soon as possible or if client is not present, it must be mentioned on the service receipt. An “Ooops” email will be emailed to you once it has been reported to our office. The “Ooops” email will request an estimate for repairs or a link to be sent verifying the value of your replacement. Some incidents may require both. If this item is to be repaired Don’t Lift a Finger, LLC will then set up an appointment for our maintenance service to assess and repair. 
Items that can be replaced by the link sent can either be reimbursed back from PayPal and refunded to your credit/debit card or deducted from your next service invoice. Refund/Reimbursement may take up to 30days to process.
The time frame for repairing or replacing parts of any damages is based on the ordering of the part and/or scheduling/availability of our maintenance service.


When a client reschedules or cancels an up and coming appointment, there is no guarantee that the regular cleaning representative(s) will be assigned to your home for your rescheduled appointment. Availability of our representative(s) will determine who. If a change in your representative(s) does occur, Don't Lift a Finger will email you with the name of your temporary replacement(s).
If for any reason your regular representative(s) cannot be present, a temporary replacement will be sent to insure you have NO service interruptions.
Any appointment canceled less than 48hrs prior to the scheduled appointment time will be charged a $35.00 cancellation fee.
If there is a need for you to reschedule, we ask that you notify us at least 48hrs prior to your confirmed scheduled appointment. In the event we arrive to clean at a scheduled time and our per-arranged entry is not available, you will be charged a $35.00 lock out fee that will be applied to your next service invoice and must be paid before your next cleaning day. Once you have rescheduled a cleaning, your next routine cleaning will still fall on your regularly scheduled day.
When canceling your routine service, remember depending upon the laps in service, once you return to your routine service, your price may change. Price will be determined based on time elapsed between cleanings.
If you wish to change your cleaning frequency, please notify us a month prior so that we may adjust our calendar accordingly. 
If terminating your services completely, we ask that you be courteous enough to notify us at least (2) week prior to your last service.


If your home has an alarm system, we ask that our representative(s) receives a different code labeled as such.  
A lot of Don't Lift a Finger clients leave a key to their home at our office, and we take extreme measures to protect each key. We assign every customer key a security code and store it in a key safe. Managers will access your key the day of your scheduled cleaning, and then return it to the safe by the end of the day. No identifying information is ever put on any key. Also for your safety, we do not return keys by mail. Customers must come in person to our office and present a picture ID before a key will be released.
It is not necessary to be at home for your cleaning. At your discretion, you may leave a key for our representative in an inconspicuous place (flower pot, under mat, on door ledge). It is our policy to leave the key securely back inside of the house. Our reps will lock up and exit through the garage by avoiding the sensor on the garage door. You may also leave a back patio door unlocked, garage etc. for reps to gain entry. We will lock all entry doors back once inside.
If your prefer to leave a key with DLAF, once the key has been retrieved by our reps and returned to a manager, you will receive an email indicating that DLAF is now in possession of your key.
We ask that our clients remove/put away all valuables i.e.,(money, credit cards, jewelry, etc.)
For safety purposes, our representative(s) will not clean anything that can't be reached with a step ladder/stool or equipment extensions.
For safety and liability reasons, Don't Lift a Finger will not allow our cleaning representative to lift or move heavy items or furniture.
Our reps are NOT allowed to give entry to your home to anyone unless a note is left (must be signed) for our reps indicating who will be arriving (i.e., plumber, maintenance man, etc.). If a package is being delivered (Fed X, UPS) and requires a signature, please leave a note giving our reps permission to do so.
To secure that our representative(s) are not harmed, bitten, or scratched, we ask that if you are
not home during your service, please place your pet(s) in a secure area that is not required for our representative(s) to clean. However if you refuse to place your pets in a secure area, any injuries to your pets (slipping and falling due to a wet floor) Don't Lift A Finger, LLC will not be held liable for.

Service Confirmation

Once you have scheduled your appointment for service, an email of service confirmation will be sent to you 24-72hrs prior to the date of service. This serves as your reminder for the time and day you are scheduled for, as well as preparation for us to arrive.  
As unpredictable as Atlanta traffic is, we ask that you allot a 30-45min window for arrival.  


Don't Lift a Finger does not accept cash or checks. We will email you a PayPal invoice 24-72hrs prior to your service. This invoice is your method to pay. A PayPal account is not needed to pay our invoice. Simply open the email, click on the PAY NOW button and continue. Note: PayPal charges a small percentage (3% + $.30) of your purchase for using this service. Your invoice will indicate this every time just as a reminder. On your invoice it is labeled as a “Usage” fee. 
Early payment is ALWAYS welcomed, but payments MUST be received no later than 12pm the day of your service. Failure to pay by 12pm will result in a $35.00 automatic late fee charge.  
One time cleaning services (Non Routine/Move Out): In order to secure your service appointment, prepayment of your invoice MUST be received (1) day prior to your scheduled service. Cancellations occurring less than 24 hours prior to your appointment will result in forfeiture of half of your payment. An additional $100 deposit will be required to book next appointment. Should you cancel again, that deposit will be non-refundable. This fee may be waived or adjusted at our sole discretion.
Each emailed invoice is accompanied with a client survey. This quick survey will help keep us aware of how well or the lack thereof, our representatives are servicing you. Please fill it out as often as needed. If we do not receive a survey, we will assume that you're receiving exceptional service.


Since cleaning and organizing are very personalized and subjective services, we cannot offer refunds to clients. However, we want you to be 100% satisfied with our service. If you're ever dissatisfied with your service contact us within 48-hour of being serviced and we will gladly return to rectify the issue. There are no refunds for gift certificate purchases.


Although tips are NOT required, if your service provider has given you more than exceptional service, tips are allowed and very much appreciated.

Additions and Amendments

Any changes to your Service to be provided must be agreed by Don't Lift a Finger prior to the Service time.
If the Client requires any additional services or variations at the time service is being performed, the Client must first contact Don't Lift a Finger by telephone, who may agree to provide the additional services at our absolute discretion. The Representative (other than your Consultation Rep) is not authorized to agree to any changes to the Service being provided. The Client must not request any changes directly to the Cleaning Representative.
If amendments are granted, you will receive an amended or new invoice to your email address for payment correction.

  (Any cleaning terms and conditions above are applicable to Organizing)

Don't Lift a Finger will provide services in the Client's home as determined during the consultation assessment appointment. Project outlines created during this assessment serve as a general plan of action, and may be modified as appropriate throughout the course of the project. They do not constitute a binding agreement between the Client and Don't Lift a Finger.
Our Professional Organizer may provide recommendations regarding disposal of paperwork and other possessions, based upon the Client's goals for the project. Client will make all final decisions about what to keep and what to dispose of, and will assume full responsibility for these decisions.

Getting Started

Before the arrival of our Organizing Representative on your scheduled service, Don't Lift a Finger asks that you purge (to get rid of any and all items NOT wanted) the organizing area so that our representative can productively service you.
Don't Lift a Finger ask that all valuables (money, jewelry, credit cards) are removed from any clothes or area subjected to the representative. Don't Lift a Finger will not be held responsible for any items not previously removed.
NOTE: Getting organized is an ideal time to do any necessary home or office/place of business cleaning, so we do offer our cleaning service at an additional charge.

Payment/ Deposit

Organizing projects are charged by the hour and generally calculated based upon how many hours we estimate it will take to complete the project. In most cases certain organizing may take longer than one day. In this case, a deposit of half of your quoted estimate will be required at our discretion. If a deposit applies, you will receive (2) invoices. The first invoice (Which is considered your deposit) will be sent 24-48hrs prior to the first day of service and the other the morning of the day of completion of the project. All invoices MUST be paid for by 12pm the day of service. Failure to pay by this time will result in an automated $35.00 late payment fee which will be reflected on a new invoice emailed to you. If NO deposit is required, you will receive your payment invoice 48hrs prior to service., which must be paid by 12pm the day of service in order to avoid a late fee.


Clients are responsible for paying for all agreed-upon supplies (Hangers, file folders, labels, labeling tape, storage containers, shelving, etc.) necessary for the completion of the project. Please have all supplies purchased prior to the start of the project. We will either make suggestions about what supplies should be purchased and the Client will do the shopping OR we will shop and purchase the supplies without the Client being present. Clients are responsible to pay(reimburse) for all agreed-upon supplies and our fee for shopping and any returns. Our standard, hourly rate of $25 will apply for all shopping and returns.


When a Client books an appointment with us, that time is reserved exclusively for that Client and becomes unavailable for anyone else to use. If, for some reason a client needs to cancel an appointment, please give us at least 48hrs advance notice so that others may take advantage of the unused time.
Unless 48hrs or more cancellation notice prior to a Client's scheduled appointment time is given, a cancellation fee of 25% of the session will be charged and must be paid in full prior to the scheduling of any further appointments.
Additionally, a deposit of $100 will be required to book your next appointment. Should you cancel again, that deposit will be non-refundable.This fee may be waived or adjusted at our sole discretion.
If we must cancel an appointment, the Client is to receive notice by phone at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled appointment. A $25.00 credit will be applied to the Client's account for cancellations made by Don't Lift a Finger without 48 hours notice.

Photographs & Testimonials

Clients give us permission to use - without remuneration - testimonials they provide a Before and After picture(s) of their location in our marketing materials, which may include print and online advertising (social media included). Clients will be identified by first name, last initial and location only (i.e., Suzy Q., NYC) or an alias, if preferred and requested. We warrant that at no time will your testimonial, pictures or name be used to promote unlawful or morally objectionable activities including (but not limited to): sending unsolicited email; activities designed to defame, embarrass, harm or abuse third parties; or hate crime of any kind. Your personal information will never be sold or distributed.

Compensation Terms

By receiving our Policy and Procedure, clients agree to all above compensation of Don’t Lift A Finger, LLC – payments, refunds, damages, cancellation/rescheduling fees, methods of payment, and late fees.